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What kinds of project are you able to do?

Urbanplanning, exterior views, interior design, multimedia & animation

How long does it take to complete a project?

Itnormally takes six days to complete a project if we can get the required infoon time and timely feedback each round. Five or four days are also possible forurgent case.

Who should I contact with for proposal?

Please try to contact our account manager for initial proposal/businessenquiries. After agreed on the proposal, our account manager will introduce you to the project manager who will be taking care of you afterwords.

Why am I having trouble of loading the images and animation?

We are using HTML5 and cloud system which gives lots of flexibility to the viewer and user. If you are loading the image too slow, it might because you are the first one who tries to download from our nearest cloud server. If it is still not working, please email us.

What information do we need to prepare to start a project?

Firstour team need your Model(Revit/FBX/Rhino/CAD) and Material Board(FF&E ifit's an interior project) to get started, we will ask for the project location,view angles choices and lighting preference as we move on.

How do I know the status of my project?

Our project manager will keep you postedevery day. The rendering process includes two phases: in phase one, modeldrafts will be sent to you to ONLY check model design, basic material and viewangles, in phase two, rendering drafts will be submitted for you to check the overalleffects. We will deliver the finals after your confirmation.

Do you have high-end service which excess your standard quality if it is necessary?

Yes, we do have high-end service which suit real-estate company and high-end design firms. Generally speaking we do at least twice the amount of detail in these kinds of project and require at least 10 days to complete.








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